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Selling a home can be a complex business process.  Therefore, it is important that the moment you decide to put you house on the market for sale that you disassociate yourself emotionally from the house.

Going forward please consider the house ‘a product’ for sale.  This is a difficult proposition especially if you have lived in the house for a long time.  Nevertheless, it is still an important step going forward.  A professional REALTOR can help you depersonalize your house.

Replace personal and emotional thoughts about the house with business thoughts.  Example, what do I need to do to make the house appealing to others; the Customers. Please take off your ‘Home Owner’ hat, put on the ‘House Buyer’ Hat and start thinking like a buyer.

Here are things that you can do to expedite the sale of your house.

Remove all personal items.  Pack as much as possible and move them out of the house.  Don’t pile up boxes in every room.  Remove as many family pictures as possible.  Buyers don’t like the feeling of taking away your HOME.  Buyers are looking to buy a HOUSE. You will be surprised how much bigger the house begins to look.

Make sure that you fix all the holes in the walls where pictures and other personal artifacts once hang.  

Buyers want to get the most space for the money.  Therefore, you want the house to feel roomy.  Example, if you have 12 chairs in the dining rooms because once in a while you like to have big family dinners, please consider taking the extra chairs to storage.  This simple act will explode the size of your dining room without adding a square inch to the house.

Re-organize your kitchen.  Take as much to the storage as possible.  This includes all personal items (pictures, magnet posters, children drawings, extra dishes, cups, and glasses).  If in doubt, visit a nearby furniture or kitchen store and look at several kitchen displays.  Stick to the essentials so that the kitchen looks roomy.

Smell your house like a buyer.  Not all buyers tolerate dogs and cats.  Please do yourself a favor and invite a friend to your house.  Ask your friend for her or his honest opinion about how the house smelled when he or she first stepped in.  Take your friends’ feedback seriously and deodorize your house as needed.  Have the carpet professionally cleaned to remove odors that a household vacuum cleaner can’t remove.

You will be surprised how much junk we collect over the years.  Most of the time we don’t get rid of them because at some point, we stopped ‘seeing’ them..  Now that you have your ‘Buyer Hat’ on, please start looking for them.  They are these items all over the house and inside the closets; the items that you haven't used in over a year or maybe in the past several years!

o Consider donating what you no longer need.  

o Empty all books from bookcases and replace them with very minimum number of art items or non-personal items (a small clock, small natural flowers display, for example).

o Have a garage sale.   

o Get rid of every thing that you don’t need or wont fit in your new place.

Buyers like to open closets and cabinets doors.  They are trying to figure out if the closets and cabinets are big enough for their belongings.  Therefore, it is important that you let them see the beginning and the end of the closets.  Let them know that there is room for their belongings. If your or children’s bedrooms closets are packed to the door, it is time to trim down and have that garage sale.  You may want to take some items to the storage.

Spice up the outside appearance of the house:

Clean up the yard.  Remove logs, woods, leftover from your last wood project or your classic car restoration project.

Buyers want to size up your garage and figure out how many cars they can fit in it.  Therefore, please clean up and clean out.  Let the buyer see the interior dimension of your garage.  They won’t be able to do so if the garage is piled up floor to ceiling with boxes and other items.  Pay attention to the floor.  Clean any grease or oil spots as much as possible.

Check the roof.  Make sure that the roof is clean (no piled up leaves or small tree branches).  Clean the gutters and the windows.

Repair small cracks as much as possible.  

Keep the lawn neat and clean.

Touch up the exterior paint as needed

Clean any greenish color caused from rubbing against nearby plants

Pay attention to the front door.  Make sure it clean and open smoothly.  Does it convey the feeling ‘Welcome Home’

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